REVIEWING the past 

The artistic elements of architectural concepts, engineering drafts, and the building themselves are all key aspects of the rich visual history that make up TRIUMF’s identity. 

Titled the TRIUMF Project, the lab’s beginnings were first captured in artistic impressions of the laboratory’s main cyclotron – the defining piece of infrastructure around which TRIUMF was built.

These cutaway drawings provide a unique perspecitve into the facility. Given the era, these illustrations were hand drawn original pieces of art, later followed by a series of hand-built scale models.

Early handbuilt models of TRIUMF's Research Facilities are used as a visual aide for staff training and for public tours

More recently, as an extension of the lab’s ongoing site planning process, work was undertaken to update TRIUMF’s physical spaces. Driven by an interest to modernize key buildings and facilities, the laboratory has collaborated with teams of both internal and external experts to generate a vision that aligns TRIUMF’s building and spaces with its modern and vibrant brand identity. 

An initial phase of this work revolved around the revitalization of the lobby within TRIUMF’s Main Office Building. As the space that greets thousands of visitors each year, this location offered an ideal opportunity to rebrand and remodel. The principle requirement was to create a functional space, more accommodating of guests, and to modernize through the application of infographic visuals for storytelling. To advance this work, TRIUMF engaged MOTIV Architects to support concept creation and physical space design.

Following the work in the lobby, attention was turned to the external facade of the Main Office Building. With the application of a new paint scheme, complemented by a full-height banner system promoting TRIUMF’s exciting science to outside visitors and the greater community. 

 The use of colour in both the paint and banner selections brings the exterior of the building in line with TRIUMF’s refreshed brand language. The combined effect of the internal and external changes to the Main Office Building serve to create an entrance that better captures the cutting-edge nature of our facility.

Further to the changes made, TRIUMF worked with MOTIV Architects and other partners to develop a series of site concepts that could be used help inform future projects at the laboratory. This comprehensive design study included several bold visions for the future, including the establishment of new buildings, the redevelopment of existing spaces, and even re-envisioning the natural landscape across the site.