From the design and colour of the one of the world’s largest cyclotrons to the creation of innovative online outreach tools, TRIUMF has long leveraged the intersects between art and science to drive interest and curiosity about the natural world. In this work we help develop future generations of problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and innovators through the fostering of creativity, empathy, and design literacy.

TRIUMF’s Arts & Culture collaborations date back to the early construction of the laboratory, when our first director enlisted a prominent Vancouver artist to help put his mark on the main cyclotron.  

A hallmark of art initiatives at TRIUMF has been a long history of collaboration across disciplines and stakeholder groups – each bringing their own unique perspectives to our research.

Art and science are closely linked across much of our engagement with the public. Utilizing modern design-thinking principles, we use the medium of art to communicate the value and impact of science.


Research Stories
2021 In-House Design Award by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers, Radiation Environments illustration by Janani Ramesh
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Leaning Out of Windows opening at Emily Carr University of Art + Design
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Virtual Tours
3D animations inside the TIGRESS experiment produced by Scott Mallory
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Sonification & Music
Particle collision data converted into music performed at Montreux Jazz Festival
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Global Competitions
Photowalk image of the DESCANT detector by photographer Jonathan McCrae
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TEDx Talk on connections between music and dark matter by physicist Jason Holt
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Documentary Film
The Rarest Drug on Earth produced by Avo Media
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