Public access to our site is part of a longstanding commitment to communicate and share the wonder of the facility with visitors of all ages. Our map presentation goes far beyond the facilities accessible while on a public tour of the site. This is a general introduction to TRIUMF’s history, scale, and scope of the laboratory’s multi-faceted operations. 

For more than 50 years, TRIUMF has been owned and operated by a consortium of Canadian universities across the country, and the scope of our research has expanded far beyond the original focus on meson science.


Mesons are short-lived, unstable subatomic particles - composed of one quark and one antiquark bound together by strong interactions - that were of particular interest to researchers in the 1960's and 1970's

When the founders of TRIUMF broke ground they also planted a single apple treea direct descendant from the apple trees that grew on Isaac Newton’s family farm in Lincolnshire, England as a symbol of the fundamentals of scientific research. 

TRIUMF Innovations is the lab’s commercialization arm which collaborates with several of the lab’s applied science facilities to discover the next generation of research and support for global collaborations.