the design OF ITS

Art has been a central component of TRIUMF’s identity since the laboratory’s founding.

One cannot overlook the artistry exhibited in hand drawn engineering drafts that continue to have direct influence on the lab’s visual DNA. Represented by six 4,400 metric-tonne sector magnets, this design has formed the foundation of TRIUMF’s logomark since the laboratory was founded over five decades ago.


While the science has continuously evolved, pushing into new frontiers of discovery, the community has developed in lockstep – becoming even more diverse, collaborative, and innovative in every way.

TRIUMF’s 50th anniversary in 2018 marked a natural opportunity to update and refresh the logomark, including the look and feel of TRIUMF’s identity. The brand is an expression of TRIUMF, its values, and ultimately who we are and where we strive to go. This simple yet memorable symbol both honours our heritage while also pointing towards that laboratory’s highly ambitious and dynamic future.