A multifaceted sequence of technologies connect the ARIEL and ISAC research facilities. This includes a custom-built radiofrequency quadrupole (RFQ) beam cooler/buncher and custom pulsed drift tube, a Nier spectrometer, and a special device for enhancing the electrical charge (“charge-breeding”) of isotopes – the electron beam ion source (EBIS). With the recent use of LiDAR to develop experimental media we’ve been able to expand access to newest areas of the lab.  

The images below have been derived from LiDAR scans captured as high density point clouds, consisting of 3-billion points. These 360 degree photos let you pan, zoom, and select points of interest to learn more about this ground breaking science apparatus.

Learn more about rare isotope beam delivery on our Strategic Five Year Plan website

To explore the interactive imagery using motion controls on mobile phones and tablets click on this icon in the image, or move and zoom using touch.